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The National Flower of Brazil – Cattleya Labiata


Brazil National Flower Cattleya Labiata

Brazil National Flower Cattleya Labiata

Beautiful and tropical, Brazil is the largest country in South America and could easily be floral capital in its own right. There are hundreds of varieties of rich and fragrant flowers grown in Brazil, and one of the most strikingly beautiful is the national flower of Brazil, the cattleya labiata, or corsage orchid. These stunning flowers are often called the queen of the orchids because they have such a beautiful shape and fragrance. These characteristics are also why they are so often used in corsages for special events.

The State Flower of Brazil

The people of Brazil celebrate the vast collection of flowers that grow in their country with various festivals and special events. The sheer volume of flower specimens in the country is dazzling and draws visitors to the country on a regular basis. While the cattleya labiata is often recognized as the state flower of Brazil, the Ipe-amarelo is often considered a national flower of Brazil. Both flowers grow in the wild of Brazil as well as being cultivated.

The corsage orchid is brightly colored with a long center trumpet surrounding by a star of fluttering petals, The bright colors and rich fragrance are delicate and lovely making this a favorite of flower lovers around the world. The Ipe-amarelo is a beautiful flowering tree with yellow blossoms that grows brightly among other trees or alone in fields.

Growing Cattleya Labiata

Brazil National Flower Cattleya Labiata
The corsage orchid, cattleya labiata grows easily in most households. The orchid needs temperatures between 60 and 70 degrees, which is a normal household temperature in most cases. To grow the orchid, buy the plant or bulb and place in indirect light inside your home. Let the orchid dry out before watering it and draining off excess water. Watering the orchid too heavily or allowing it to sit in water can damage the plant.

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