23 Oct

The National Flower of Romania: The Dog Rose


Romania National Flower Dog Rose

Romania National Flower Dog Rose

A rich land of fun and welcoming people, Romania has enjoyed a boost in tourism over the last decade. For many years Romania was considered one of the agricultural centers of Europe and today the culture of grain and food production continues, but grain is not all that is grown in this partially forested country. Throughout the yards, gardens and forests, visitors also enjoy seeing the national flower of Romania, the dog rose.

The State Flower of Romania

A bright, open flower, the dog rose of Romania is a fast-growing species. The dog rose can become a climbing rose or it supports itself as a wiry shrub. The dog rose is a very forgiving plant. An easy perennial, the dog rose tends to climb along other shrubs or garden structures quickly. As it grows, the dog rose flowers appear in groups of one to five blossoms.

Each dog rose is a shade or pink or white and has five blossoms. The small flowers are only a few inches across with a bright yellow center and open petal arrangements. The stems of the dog rose turn brown as the plant matures leaving dark green leaves to showcase the much brighter blossoms. The flowers of the dog rose plant are fragrant and appear in the mid summer months.

Romania National Flower Dog Rose

Romania National Flower Dog Rose

Growing Dog Rose

Dog rose has been a favorite in northern and central Europe for centuries, including in Romania. The plant is often chosen as part of a hedge in the summer gardens and can be planted in virtually any soil so long as the soil remains moist or even wet. The dog rose grows wild in many parts of Europe by can be cultivated in gardens, so long as there is room for the large climbing plant. As the plant needs semi shade or shade, it can grow in virtually any light conditions.

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