17 Jan

Golden Wattle – The National Flower of Australia


Arguably one of the most fragrant flowers in the world comes from the land of cheer and good fun. Australia, or the Land Down Under, has selected exactly the right national flower. The national flower of Australia is the golden wattle, a bright and cheerful collection of blossoms with a powerful and unique presence – much like the country itself.

The National Flower of Australia

The golden wattle grows especially well in the drier, hotter parts of Australia, particularly in the South Eastern regions of the country. The golden wattle appears on ornamental shrubs and in the wild beginning in September, which marks the start of the spring season for this country south of the Equator. The tiny blossoms of the golden wattle can range from white to bright yellow, but the majority of the flowers are a golden hue that can be described as nothing short of sunshine yellow.

It is this bright shade that gave the flower its name, but it is the richly sweet scent of the golden wattle that makes it a favorite ingredient in many kinds of perfumes and other fragranced items. The cheerful little flowers grow in bunches almost completely covering the shrub. The large shrub heavy with the bright blossoms adds a cheerful reminder of the fun-loving country throughout the spring and summer season, beginning to fade away as the cooler weather approaches.

The Golden Wattle

The small flowers of the golden wattle are really a collection of smaller blossoms. The tiny petals are almost dwarfed by the stamens of the small buds and grow in circular patterns. These patterns then grow together in a dense collection of bright spots along the dark greenery of the shrub, almost creating a visual weight to the branches as they dip under the infusion of blossoms.

Growing Golden Wattle

Golden wattle is widely grown as an ornamental. To cultivate golden wattle in your own home garden, you’ll need either cuttings or seeds. Seeds of the golden wattle germinate quickly if prepared correctly making them a common choice for gardeners. Clip the end of the seeds and soak for two days to start the growing process. Plant the seeds where they will receive full sunlight and be in loose, well drained soil. One the shrubs begin to grow, they will be hearty and require very little watering as the plants prefer a drier climate.

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