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26 Mar

The National Flower of India – The Lotus

In a country rich with heritage and symbolism, the lotus flower is a beautiful water plant complete with broad floating leaves and lovely flowers. The lotus is often called a water lily, although in India is rarely called by any other name. In India, the lotus flower symbolizes divinity, fertility, wealth, knowledge and enlightenment. As […]

26 Mar

India National Flower Lotus Pictures

Lotus is India National Flower. Some Lotus Pictures which was picked up among the huge variety of Lotus photos from the Internet.

07 Mar

The National Flower of Holland: Tulips

The elegantly simple tulip is a natural find in Holland, the country that is most famous for growing the lovely flowers. This peaceful, prosperous nation is comfortable with agriculture growing some of the most beautiful tulips in the world. Windmills, green rolling hills and the bright nodding heads of the tulips are an easy sight […]

07 Mar

Holland National Flower Tulips Pictures

Some Tulips pictures which where picked up from the Internet. Holland National Flower – Tulip – Photos. [ad#Google Adsense-4-stroka-ssylok] [ad#Google Adsense-4-stroka-ssylok]

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