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31 May

National Flower of Russia – Chamomile.

Both beautiful and soothing, the chamomile is ideally suited for a country known for it’s beauty and the wealth of its culture. A heavy focus on literature, music and dance has created a culture of refinement and outstanding entertainment within the substantial borders of Russia. So, chamomile. Such a large country can be brought together […]

25 May

National Flower of Cayman Islands – Banana Orchids

The Scented Treasure of Cayman Islands Great places like the legendary Cayman Islands are definitely one of the best of its kind. Gifted with natural treasures and beautiful scenic spots, this has been on the top of the list of tourists who want to experience and explore the grandeur of nature par excellence. Cayman Islands […]

21 May

The State Flower of the United States – The Rose

Delicate blossoms and a rich fragrance denote the state flower of the United States. Designated in 1986, the rose has become the national flower in the US, and a rose by any other name would certainly not smell as sweet. It’s difficult to say what makes the rose such a perfect symbol of the world’s […]

17 May

Finland Flower (Lily-of-the-Valley) Pictures

Some Lily-of-the-Valley Pictures from the Internet. How pity that it’s impossible to insert the Lily-of-the-Valley’s fragrance to this post… Lily-of-the-Valley

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