01 Feb

The National Flower of Belize – The Black Orchid


A wildly luscious flower represents one of the most intriguing Central American countries. Belize is a tropical country full of rich experiences and sensuality. The national flower of Belize embodies this spirit of freedom and seduction – the black orchid is a stunning blossom perfectly suited to the country of life-changing experiences.

The National Flower of Belize

Deep brown and purple tones create the dark petals of the black orchid. Known as a rare and exceedingly beautiful flower, the black orchid can’t help but intrigue those who look upon her. Belize has much of the same persona. This small tropical country is rich in natural resources both on the land and in the sea. Its exotic beauty draws in travelers from around the globe, much like the draw of the black orchid.

The Black Orchid

Growing year-round in the tropical moisture of Belize, the black orchid features a large showy petal with smaller ornamental petals surrounding. The large petal of the black orchid has a brown and purple color growing darker toward the center of the blossom. The dark colors are shot through with veins of a brighter purple creating a richly decadent look.

The black orchid grows as a single blossom on a stem roughly six inches long. The yellow-green stem and leaves of the black orchid set off the bold color of the flower nicely. While an isolated flower, a single stalk can grow multiple stems of orchids creating a full spectrum of the dark flowers framed against lighter foliage. The black orchid is ornate and intriguing to the point that it became the stuff of legends over the centuries. Frequently it is confused with other mythical orchids that are a true black, not the brown and purple of Belize’s national flower.

Growing Black Orchids

Despite their finicky reputation, orchids grow easily as house plants, although they need certain conditions to grow in the gardens. Orchids are tropical plants that require humidity and bright, if indirect, sunlight. Black orchids grow naturally in areas of Florida, but are usually seen only as cultivated house plants or in greenhouses outside of that area. Once established, the black orchid needs watering only once a week and will require humidity in the air. 4-6 hours of sunlight will be optimal for growing this intense blossom.

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