02 Jan

The National Flower of the Philippines The Sampaguita


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Bright white and lovely, the national flower of the Philippines is a fitting testament to the lovely, delicate beauty of these island natives. The sampaguita produces small white flowers in a star pattern. Thanks to the tropical paradise of the Philippines, the sampaguita jusminum blooms year round, bringing gardens and yards a bright spot of white for brief moments of time at least.

Philippines National Flower the Sampaguita

Philippines National Flower the Sampaguita

The State Flower of the Philippines

The sampaguita flowers are pretty – small, delicate and white. But most interestingly of all, the flowers don’t last long once then appear. The flowers of the sampaguita bloom at night and then they begin to wilt almost immediately. The flowers are wilted and essentially gone in just one day – the blossoms continue to appear throughout the year, however, bringing bright spots of light in moonlight gardens especially, but leaving some color on the leaves for the rest of the daytime as well.

With more than 7,000 islands making up this island nation, any number of flowers or flowering shrubs could be called the national flower of the Philippines, but among the many tropical flowers that grow on the island natively and those that are produced in the large and growing cut flower trade, the sampaguita stands out. A form of jasmine, the sampaguita is the national flower not just of the Philippines, but of Indonesia as well.
Philippines National Flower the Sampaguita

Growing Sampaguita

With a sweet and heady scent, the bright white flowers are a popular addition to many gardens outside of the Philippines as well as on the islands. The delicate vine is hardy in Zone 8 or higher, but the moment frost touches the vine, it will wither and die. This is a tropical plant that can grow as tall as eight feet with enough sunshine and care. With proper treatment and careful planning, you may enjoy sampaguita for up to nine months out of the year – perhaps even longer!
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