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31 Jan

The National Flower of Germany – Knapweed or Cornflower

Bright and cheerful, the bright blue of the knapweed or cornflower is pretty among the rolling green hills of Germany. The state flower of Germany is the cornflower, locally called the knapweed, and with the distinction come a few interesting local traditions. In Germany, it is traditional to wear the cornflower in your lapel if […]

31 Jan

Knapweed or Cornflower Knapweed State Flower of Germany Pictures

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14 Jan

The State Flower of New Hampshire – Purple Lilac

Fragrant and beautiful, the purple lilac is strong flower grown in gardens for its appealing size and beauty. New Hampshire has a state flower as well as a state wildflower, and the two couldn’t be more different. While the state flower of New Hampshire is strong and sturdy in gardens, the state wildflower is delicate […]

14 Jan

New Hampshire State Flower Purple Lilac Pictures

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