01 Mar

The National Flower of Belarus


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Belarus can claim a varied past especially in regards to its national anthems. The country of Belarus has changed national symbols repeatedly in the last century as it changed legal status. Today, the country is an independent republic populated with a diverse collection of people from the region and thanks to the healthy harvest of the plant, the flax flower is acknowledged as the state flower of Belarus.

Flax Flowers

Flax is now grown all over the world, but was first grown in countries near Belarus. Today the country has a large flax harvest with the plant being used for food, fiber, herbal medicines and linseed oil. The bright blue flowers of the flax stems are considered one of the few true blue flowers in a garden. Easy to grow and colorful, flax flowers are a favorite more places than just Belarus.

Among flowers Belarus has Flax is an annual plant that grows up to twelve inches each year producing light blue flowers with five petals each. The flowers of the flax plant last only until the heat of the mid-day sun reach them. A gardener’s favorite, the delicate flowers can stand to be a bit crowded in flower beds and can grow easily as a wildflower as well. The flax flowers are lovely but the whole plant is useful making flax one of the most practical of the national flowers.

Growing Common Flax

Flax grows beautifully in clumps throughout the garden and can grow nicely in containers as well. To grow flax, sow the seeds directly into your garden in the beginning of the season and cover lightly with soil. The seeds can be crowded a bit and still grow well but prefer to be twelve inches apart. Flax is a full sun plant and grows well in rich soil. Once the plants have emerged, you can mulch around them in a bed to preserve moisture or just let them grow naturally as wildflowers. After the flax flowers have bloomed, you can use the seeds and stems for other purposes around the house.
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