14 Aug

Canada State Flower Maple Leaf


Not to be outdone by other nations, Canada’s national flower is not a flower at all. It’s a leaf. The Canadian maple leaf is a true icon of the northern country representing not only the country’s livelihood, but its natural spirit as well. The Canadian maple leaf was first used to represent the country in the mid eighteenth century. Today the leaf is the primary symbol of the country appearing on the nation’s flag, the coat of arms and even the country’s smallest coin – the penny.

The National Flower of Canada

Canada State Flower Maple Leaf
The Canadian maple is a tree that is common throughout the country and has supported much of the country as well with the natural maple syrup that is produced in the early spring. Canada has united under the maple leaf, but has a great deal of other flowers to choose from in representing the nation as a whole. Canada is a large country with a diverse population. The population continues to change with new immigrants from around the world making it even more difficult to simplify preferences. Each province of Canada has its own flower as well as the national flower.

Growing the State Flower of Canada

Sugar maples are the trees that produce the maple syrup Canada is famous for. The sugar maple trees can be grown from seeds if properly planted and protected from the elements until they reach sapling strength. It is far easier, however, to plan a sugar maple seedling. Select a healthy sapling and dig the hole much wider than you need. Fill the hole partially with compost and fertilizer before dropping in the tree’s ball of roots. Spread the roots a bit and fill with soil. Water the new tree regularly until well established and enjoy the bright leaves throughout the coming seasons – especially in the fall when the maple leaves turn brilliant shades of red and yellow.

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  1. Rose Delima on said:

    Please include the Philippines’ national flower is jasmin. Thanks

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