National Flowers by Countries and States


There are many things that represent our nations, and flowers are easily one of the most beautiful. Flowers have been symbolic of many things for centuries, and using these already meaningful elements to better describe the spirit of a nation and its people is simply an extension of this. Flowers became a national floral symbols in different time and by different way they are adopted.

National Flowers With Love

National Flowers With Love

Individual flowers have meanings when you include them in floral deliveries and such. Roses, for example generally symbolize love, but the color of the rose can offer more specific sentiments. The yellow rose is the rose of friendship and the white rose symbolizes a pure love. Countries represent many things to citizens and visitors, but including a flower as a symbol of the state demonstrates not only the beautiful flora of the land, but also helps others to understand the sentiments of the country.

The rose is the national flower of the United States in fact, and was adopted in 1986, a bit late in the timeline of state flowers (and btw, every state in the United States has its own State Flower too, and you can find them on our website). In England, by contrast, the state flower is the Tudor rose. The Tudor rose is a design dating back to 1495 when it was created by King Henry VII. The Tudor rose is a red rose laid across a white rose. Many other countries use their own version of the popular rose as a symbol or have selected another meaningful flower grown on their own soil.

How a Flower may became a National Symbol?

There are different ways National Flowers was adopted as National Symbols. Sometimes National Flower have been declared by the National Authorities, like Flame Lily – wonderful National Flowers of Zimbabwe; some National Flowers are very famous but not officially named (for example, Christmas Orchid as National for Colombia), some countries have even few national flowers – like Israel or Indonesia.
National Symbols, including the State or National Flower, are often appear on flags, emblems and seals for the nation and have a stately bearing. The State Flower, or the National Flower of a nation is usually just one of many symbols pulled from nature and wildlife found within the nation. The flower of a nation, however can be a strong reminder of home when a traveler encounters a blossom by accident or in a bouquet especially delivered for them.


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