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18 Aug

The State Flower of New York – The Rose

The most exciting, adventuresome state in the United States has chosen a state flower uniquely suited to this state of immigrants, business people, artists and world leaders. The rose is the state flower of New York. This selection of a state flower is especially fitting in many ways for the great state of New York. […]

11 Aug

State Flower of Florida – Orange Blossom

Florida A state as well known for its citrus produce as it is for its warm weather, Florida is indeed the tropics of the United States. Surrounded by ocean on three sides, the sandy soil of southern Florida is ideal for growing citrus, most especially oranges. The orange blossom is the state flower of Florida […]

11 Aug

Florida Flower Pictures

Some Orange Blossom Pictures from the Internet

05 Aug

Symbol Flower of Louisiana – Magnolia Blossom

In a state rich with heritage and history, the magnolia blossom is an ideal symbol of showy beauty and vitality. With large flowers in shades of white or pink, the magnolia tree is a testament to the strength and showmanship of a state such as Louisiana. Magnolia trees are just as common as any other […]

01 Aug

Louisiana Flower Pictures

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