31 Jul

Symbol Flower of California – California Poppy


Light and carefree, the California poppy is the ideal state flower for such as lovely state. From February to September, the bright orange and yellows of the California poppy can be found alongside highways and around every turn all areas of the state. The bright colors of the blossom and the lush green of the leaves make the poppy attractive. However, it is not simply the beauty of the poppy that has made it the state flower of California.

The California poppy

The California poppy is as free spirited and steady as the people of the great state. With a blossom that opens to face the sun each morning and closes up to sleep each night, the poppy is as unique as it is beautiful. The poppy is a hearty breed that is self seeding and grows especially well in areas that have been disturbed previously. It can be found in gardens, along roadsides, in open fields and is most symbolic following disaster.

California has been ravaged by wildfires for decades. However, no matter how destructive the fires may be, there always remains a symbol of hope and beauty. After a fire, it is often the California poppy that grows in the blackened landscape. The cheerful, open blossoms are especially moving and can restore hope to those whose lives are constantly found at the whim of nature.

Growing California Poppies

California poppies are a wonderful choice for a state flower as they can be grown easily all throughout the state and into surrounding areas. California poppies are wildflowers that prefer full sun and poor soil. Sow the poppies from seeds once the ground can be worked. The flowers will bloom and continue to do so until temperatures begin to reach above eighty degrees. In areas with mild winters, seeds can be sown in the fall as well.

The poppies will often colonize and little or no watering is necessary to have these plants easily flourish. In some areas, California poppies grow so well, they have a small risk of dominating other plants in the flower bed or planting area. The cheerful faces of the flowers and the dark green foliage will make it difficult to not love the poppies all throughout your yard, however.

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    its so pretty

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