27 Oct

The National Flower of Venezuela: Orchid Flor de Mayo (Cattleya mossiae)


A country rich with prestigious heritage and history, Venezuela is home to an exotic mix of species including a blend of the Caribbean¬ as well as South American elements. Through this mix, the people of Venezuela have thrived and plants and wildlife have thrived along with them thanks to the warm climate so near the equator. This temperature and moisture has created the perfect growing conditions for many plants including the national flower of Venezuela, the orchid.

The State Flower of Venezuela Orchid Flor de Mayo (Cattleya mossiae)

Orchid Flor-de-Mayo Cattleya mossiae,

Orchid Flor-de-Mayo Cattleya mossiae

While there is not one particular orchid selected as the state flower, the Cattleya Orchid, or the Easter Orchid, or Flor de Mayo, is considered one of the most stunning in the country as well as an orchid with cultural significance. The pretty white and pink orchid is showy and it makes its only appearance during the spring in April and May. This is also the time of the parades in the week prior to Easter, or Semana Santa.
The Easter orchid, or Flor de Mayo, is also featured in folk songs throughout the country and has been the state flower since 1951. The orchid is a good size and appears in shades of white and pink. In some cases, the orchid can even appear to be a darker red color. To see the Cattleya Orchid in the wild, travelers need only climb into the Venezuelan Andes to find the stunning flowers growing in the wild.
Also, Bromeliads, flowers of the Rainforest, and Heliconias sometimes are considering as Venezuela flowers as well.
Venezuela flower Heliconia

Venezuela flower Heliconia

Growing Cattleya Orchids

Reaching up to eight inches across, the Cattleya Orchids are among the most popular of the species and there are almost endless varieties of the flowers. To grow Cattleya orchids, start with a bulb or a small plant from the nursery. The plant will prefer bright sunshine, although filtered – not direct sun. During the spring months when the plant is growing, water heavily, but cut back watering in the summer months. You can expect the Cattleya Orchid to bloom once annually.

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