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19 Dec

The State Flower of Delaware: Peach Blossoms

The lovely pink flowers of the peach tree are the perfect state flower of Delaware, the Peach State. In the late 1800’s, Delaware was the nation’s largest peach grower exporting 6,000,000 baskets of peaches in 1875. The huge number of peaches grown in the state gave Delaware the nickname, the Peach State, and prompted the […]

19 Dec

State Flower of Delaware – Peach Blossoms – Pictures

Some Delaware Flower – Peach Blossoms – Pictures from the Internet. [ad#Google Adsense-4-stroka-ssylok] [ad#Google Adsense-4-stroka-ssylok]

16 Dec

The State Flower of Syria: Jasmine

[ad#Google Adsense-4-stroka-ssylok] A country of many elevations and dynamics, Syria has yet to pick an official state flower, but the unofficial national flower of Syria is reported to be jasmine, if only by popular choice. Jasmine blossoms are lovely scented flowers that bare a striking simplicity, yet are lovely in their plain glory. It is […]

16 Dec

National Flower of Syria – Jasmine – pictures.

Some Jasmine – Syria Flowers – Pictures from the Internet.

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