31 May

National Flower of Russia – Chamomile.


Both beautiful and soothing, the chamomile is ideally suited for a country known for it’s beauty and the wealth of its culture. A heavy focus on literature, music and dance has created a culture of refinement and outstanding entertainment within the substantial borders of Russia. So, chamomile. Such a large country can be brought together across cultural lines in many ways, but easily one of the least assuming is the chamomile plant and flowers.

This hearty flower with beautiful green foliage originated in West Asia and is now grown prolifically throughout all areas of the nation as well as much of the world. Chamomile is not only an attractive flower with it’s sunny yellow center and white leaves, it has special medicinal properties and is a favorite among herbalists for it’s healing abilities and calming nature when used in teas and infusions.

The Chamomile

With a strong fruity aroma and a known soothing effect on the nerves, the chamomile flower blends beautifully with a nation of people who know how to work, but enjoy the beauty and richness of life as well. Most popular for its medicinal values, this national flower also offers a cheerful presence to a flower delivery bouquet or as a small annual shrub around a home or cottage garden.

Growing Chamomile

While hardy, chamomile is an annual plant and has only a single growing season. To plant chamomile, select a bushy plant with much foliage. Plant the chamomile in a sunny area with rich soil using plenty of compost in the planting process. The soil should be well drained and you should be sure to water the chamomile regularly.

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