18 Jun

The State Flower of Texas – The Bluebonnet


2006_3 northbound hwy in west TexasTexas, the Lonestar State, is a land full of legends and independent people. Cowboys, ranchers and oilmen have all made their mark on the land, and today it is state that holds three major cities and a huge number of residents in an even larger area. Texas has always been a proud state, and much of its pride stems from its natural resources, including its people and natural surroundings.


Among the most attractive of its natural wonders you’ll find is the Texas bluebonnet. The bluebonnet is the state flower of Texas, and the wildflower paints a pretty picture throughout much of the state as it blooms in the spring. The bluebonnet is truly wild and has not been cultivated, per se. It is a bold blue color at the base of the tall stem fading up into white at the tip.
The leaves are in a star shape, reminiscent of the Lone Star the state is famous for. In the spring, a drive through the center of Texas will take your breath away as you encounter entire fields and hillsides completely covered in bluebonnets. Much of the field is saturated with color and it’s a tradition in Texas to take pictures and celebrate the bluebonnets when they appear each season.

Bluebonnets bloom for a relatively short period of time every year, fading out as spring turns to summer. But while in bloom, bluebonnets blanket much of the state in an unending wave of blue. In fact, the bluebonnet is so sacred to Texans, rumors have abounded for years that it is, in fact, illegal to pick bluebonnets. This is, however, just an urban legend – it is perfectly legal to pick bluebonnets although you might get funny looks from others while you make your bouquet.

Growing Bluebonnets

Bluebonnets are one of Texas’ heartiest plants, but they are notoriously difficult to cultivate in the garden. Seeds for bluebonnets and transplants must be planted in the early fall to establish a root system before blooms arrive in the spring. The bluebonnets grown in a garden are annuals. Bluebonnets also require full sun all day long and can grow in any well drained soil.

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