21 Jul

The National Flowers of Indonesia – the Melati, Moon Orchid and Rafflesia


Unlike most countries, Indonesia has more than one national flower. As part of the country’s celebration of World Environment Day on June 5, 1990, Indonesia selected three flowers as the national flower of Indonesia. The Melati, Moon Orchid and Rafflesia all share in the prominence and prestige of being recognized above all over flowers in Indonesia.

The National Flowers of Indonesia

Before 1990, Indonesia did not have a particular flower recognized as the national flower. Then, as if to make up for years of neglect, the country elected three at once.

Moon Orchid Indonesia National Flower

Moon Orchid Indonesia National Flower

The Moon Orchid – The longest blooming orchid, the Moon Orchid is striking with a bright purple or pink center and striking white petals. The orchid grows in a cluster and once in bloom, the flower of the moon orchid can last for up to six months before dropping. The Moon Orchid usually blooms two or three times per year once it is mature. The orchid thrives in a wet, warm environment and grows well in the lowlands of Indonesia.

 Indonesia National Flower Melati Jasminum Sambac

Indonesia National Flower Melati Jasminum Sambac

Jasminum Sambac – Symbolizing the beauty of a girl, Melati is often used in various religious ceremonies to celebrate the culture of the country. This is particularly true of Java and Bali. Small clusters of white flowers take on a twisted star shape over dark green, oblong leaves. The Asian Jasmine grows in clusters on the shrub enjoying warm, wet weather.
Indonesia National Flower Rafflesia

Indonesia National Flower Rafflesia

– Unlike the more delicate orchid and symbolic flowers, Rafflesia is famous for creating the largest blossom of any flowering plant. This especially rare flower is found only in the rainforest of Indonesia. Ti can grow up to three feet across as a single blossom and is actually a parasitic plant that grows without leaves, roots or stem. The blossom is found on a host plant for nourishment, and grows only in undisturbed rainforests putting it closer to endangered as a species.

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