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27 Oct

The National Flower of Venezuela: Orchid Flor de Mayo (Cattleya mossiae)

A country rich with prestigious heritage and history, Venezuela is home to an exotic mix of species including a blend of the Caribbean¬ as well as South American elements. Through this mix, the people of Venezuela have thrived and plants and wildlife have thrived along with them thanks to the warm climate so near the […]

20 May

The National Flower of Honduras: Orchid Brassavola Digbyana

A country that is home to rich rainforests and rolling hills, Honduras is also home to the brassavola digbyana, a native orchid. This pretty orchid is the national flower of Honduras and has been in place as a revered national symbol since 1969. Prior to 1969, the country of Honduras celebrated the rose as the […]

06 Apr

The National Flower of France: The Stylized Lily

A beautiful country full of treasures and antiquity, France is in love with all things lovely. So it is not a great surprise that the national flower of France is one that is especially beautiful – the lily. Gardens bloom throughout France and you can find flowers in the center of cities or in virtually […]

23 Oct

The National Flower of Romania: The Dog Rose

A rich land of fun and welcoming people, Romania has enjoyed a boost in tourism over the last decade. For many years Romania was considered one of the agricultural centers of Europe and today the culture of grain and food production continues, but grain is not all that is grown in this partially forested country. […]

21 Jul

The National Flowers of Indonesia – the Melati, Moon Orchid and Rafflesia

Unlike most countries, Indonesia has more than one national flower. As part of the country’s celebration of World Environment Day on June 5, 1990, Indonesia selected three flowers as the national flower of Indonesia. The Melati, Moon Orchid and Rafflesia all share in the prominence and prestige of being recognized above all over flowers in […]

02 Jan

The National Flower of the Philippines The Sampaguita

[ad#Google Adsense-4-stroka-ssylok] Bright white and lovely, the national flower of the Philippines is a fitting testament to the lovely, delicate beauty of these island natives. The sampaguita produces small white flowers in a star pattern. Thanks to the tropical paradise of the Philippines, the sampaguita jusminum blooms year round, bringing gardens and yards a bright […]

26 Mar

The National Flower of India – The Lotus

In a country rich with heritage and symbolism, the lotus flower is a beautiful water plant complete with broad floating leaves and lovely flowers. The lotus is often called a water lily, although in India is rarely called by any other name. In India, the lotus flower symbolizes divinity, fertility, wealth, knowledge and enlightenment. As […]

07 Mar

The National Flower of Holland: Tulips

The elegantly simple tulip is a natural find in Holland, the country that is most famous for growing the lovely flowers. This peaceful, prosperous nation is comfortable with agriculture growing some of the most beautiful tulips in the world. Windmills, green rolling hills and the bright nodding heads of the tulips are an easy sight […]

31 Jan

The National Flower of Germany – Knapweed or Cornflower

Bright and cheerful, the bright blue of the knapweed or cornflower is pretty among the rolling green hills of Germany. The state flower of Germany is the cornflower, locally called the knapweed, and with the distinction come a few interesting local traditions. In Germany, it is traditional to wear the cornflower in your lapel if […]

21 Dec

The National Flower of Brazil – Cattleya Labiata

Beautiful and tropical, Brazil is the largest country in South America and could easily be floral capital in its own right. There are hundreds of varieties of rich and fragrant flowers grown in Brazil, and one of the most strikingly beautiful is the national flower of Brazil, the cattleya labiata, or corsage orchid. These stunning […]

10 Sep

Cuba National Flower – Butterfly Jasmine

The lush island of Cuba is a true tropical paradise. There are no creatures or plants on Cuba that can harm a human, including snakes, and the dense foliage of the country is a rich background to the hundreds of pristine beaches and lovely coves. The island of Cuba has a strong heritage and a […]

14 Aug

Canada State Flower Maple Leaf

Not to be outdone by other nations, Canada’s national flower is not a flower at all. It’s a leaf. The Canadian maple leaf is a true icon of the northern country representing not only the country’s livelihood, but its natural spirit as well. The Canadian maple leaf was first used to represent the country in […]

05 Aug

The National Flower of Bermuda – Blue-Eyed Grass

A beautiful island country with an interesting and diverse history, Bermuda sports many plants that grow in abundance which were brought to the country by travelers centuries ago. The national flower of this country, however, is a species which is native to the island – blue-eyed grass, or the lily. A member of the lily […]

26 Jul

The National Flower of Costa Rica – Guaria Morada

Costa Rica, a diverse land, has a tremendous number of plants and wildlife in a compact space. The lush land of Costa Rica has more than 1,300 species of orchids and is know the world over for its astonishing flowers. The national flower of Costa Rica, the guaria morada, is a common orchid found on […]

10 Jul

The National Flower of Colombia – Christmas Orchid

A country full of wild beauty, Colombia has not formerly adopted its national flower, although the Christmas Orchid, or Cattleya Trianae. This lovely flower was first discovered in Colombia in the 1840’s and when it was recommended by the Colombian Academy of History in 1936, the flower was adopted by the country as its state […]

07 May

The National Flowers of Bolivia: Kantuta and Patuju

Bolivia is a country often found at odds within its boundaries. Drawn on a map using physical boundaries, the country of Bolivia seems to fit neatly into South America, but with two very distinct cultures living within the borders of the country, it’s become natural for the people of Bolivia to have two of just […]

19 Apr

The National Flower of the Bahamas: Yellow Edler

Blue skies and beautiful beaches mark the tropical paradise of the Bahamas. The lovely yellow elder is the perfect flower to represent this bright and cheerful country. The yellow elder, the national flower of the Bahamas is a bright yellow blossom with very fine red stripes on each of the petals. The tubular flower grows […]

03 Apr

National Flower of Zimbabwe: Flame Lily

The stunning red and yellow of the flame lily makes it especially prominent in the savannahs and warm regions of Southern Africa. Zimbabwe made the flame lily the national flower thanks to its prolific growth throughout the country as well as its notable beauty. The Flame Lily of Zimbabwe The large national flower of Zimbabwe […]

01 Mar

The National Flower of Belarus

[ad#Google Adsense-4-stroka-ssylok] Belarus can claim a varied past especially in regards to its national anthems. The country of Belarus has changed national symbols repeatedly in the last century as it changed legal status. Today, the country is an independent republic populated with a diverse collection of people from the region and thanks to the healthy […]

04 Feb

The National Flower of Thailand: Ratchaphruek

[ad#Google Adsense-4-stroka-ssylok] It is rumored that the lush tropical lands of Thailand contain more varieties of flowers than all of Europe, although many of these flowers are undocumented formally and have not been cataloged. This hasn’t kept Thailand from enjoying the green beauty of its natural areas spotted with all manners of flowers. The National […]

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