05 Aug

The National Flower of Bermuda – Blue-Eyed Grass


National Flower of Bermuda Blue-Eyed Grass
A beautiful island country with an interesting and diverse history, Bermuda sports many plants that grow in abundance which were brought to the country by travelers centuries ago. The national flower of this country, however, is a species which is native to the island – blue-eyed grass, or the lily. A member of the lily family, blue-eyed grass grows widely on the island of Bermuda in both excellent soil conditions and sandy or dry conditions. A larger version of the lilies seen in New England, the blue-eyed grass produces large blue flowers in the spring.

The State Flower of Bermuda

The blue-eyed grass of Bermuda is a native to the land and is lovely with tall stems and bright flowers in the spring. The plant is a perennial with long green leaves most of the year and the small blue or violent flowers growing in patterns of six petals with a bright yellow center. The blue-eyed grass is not officially recognized as the national flower of Bermuda, but does enjoy the unofficial status of being a state flower. It is lovely in the wild and in gardens as well.

Growing Blue-Eyed Grass

National Flower of Bermuda Blue-Eyed Grass
A far distance from the tropics of Bermuda, blue-eyed grass also grows easily and is native to Missouri. The plant thrives and is hardy in USDA zones 4 through 9 so it is easy to grow virtually anywhere. The blue-eyed grass grows well as a ground cover and will tolerate poor soil so long as there is ample moisture. The perennial forms as a grass and will grow up to a foot in height making it an excellent addition to a small garden or lovely mixed with similar plants in the garden as well.

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