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26 Apr

Nevada State Flower – Sagebrush

A state of dramatic peaks and mountains, Nevada is dry and dusty, but also truly beautiful with its often barren landscape. Throughout the rocks and dry stream-beds in Nevada, you’ll find the state flower growing in abundance. Sagebrush has a rich and heady herb scent and grows easily in this, one of the driest states […]

27 Oct

The State Flower of Virginia – The American Dogwood

In 1918, the proud state of Virginia named the American dogwood as its state flower. The dog wood has a nice history in Virginia, one of the most notable founding fathers of the United States, Thomas Jefferson, loved the dogwood and grew it on his estate. He likely found the simple, elegant white flowers to […]

25 Jun

The State Flower of Pennsylvania the Mountain Laurel

A state full of rich history and natural beauty, Pennsylvania is one of the original thirteen colonies, and a critical part of the founding of the United States. The rolling hills of Pennsylvania are home to the state flower, the mountain laurel. This white and pink flower grows in clusters across the state in the […]

15 May

The State Flower of Kentucky – Goldenrod

The rolling hills of Kentucky are covered with rich fields of grass and a collection of herbs and wildflowers. The bright yellow flowers of the common herb, goldenrod, are common against the green backdrop, and these cheerful blooms have been designated the state’s flower since 1926. Before goldenrod was selected as the state flower, the […]

26 Apr

The State Flower of Mississippi – Southern Magnolia

Stunning and a bit showy, the state flower of Mississippi is bold, beautiful and a bit saucy – much like the fun-loving residents of the state. Mississippi selected the southern magnolia as the state’s official flower in 1952. The flower grows on large magnolia trees which can be seen growing across the state, but particularly […]

14 Jan

The State Flower of New Hampshire – Purple Lilac

Fragrant and beautiful, the purple lilac is strong flower grown in gardens for its appealing size and beauty. New Hampshire has a state flower as well as a state wildflower, and the two couldn’t be more different. While the state flower of New Hampshire is strong and sturdy in gardens, the state wildflower is delicate […]

21 Jul

The State Flower of Iowa – Wild Prairie Roses

In 1897, the wild rose was designated as the official state flower of Iowa. The selection was made based more heavily on a silver service than anything else. The silver service presented to the battleship USS Iowa in the same year was patterned with wild roses, which prompted the selection of the flower. No specific […]

15 Jul

The State Flower of Indiana – The Peony

The brilliant shades of the peony have not always been the state flower of Indiana. For a stretch of time from the early 1930’s to the mid 1950’s, the zinnia was the state flower. Prior to that, the blossom of the tulip tree was considered the state flower when the original state flower, the carnation, […]

28 Mar

The State Flower of Illinois: The Violet

The delicate shape and hue of the violent is a pretty reminder of the lush greenery that can be found in the state of Illinois. Following a vote of school children in the state, the violet was selected as the state flower of Illinois effective July 1, 1908. Today, the “native violet” can mean any […]

08 Mar

The State Flower of Georgia: The Cherokee Rose

The delicate Cherokee rose was selected as the state flower of this southern state in 1916 at the urging of women’s gardening clubs. The elegant white rose is an open petal flower that grows on an evergreen climbing shrub. Introduced from China sometime in the 1700’s, the Cherokee rose has gained fame for its aggressive […]

04 Mar

The State Flower of Idaho: The Syringa

The Syringa, or Lewis mock orange, is aptly named. The bright white flowers of the Syringa are a cheerful presence in this bountiful state. The state legislature named the Syringa as the state flower in 1890, just months after the country joined the union, but it was not made official as the recognized state flower […]

17 Feb

The State Flower of Hawaii The Yellow Hibiscus

In the 1920s, all colors and varieties of hibiscus were selected to represent the territory of Hawaii. When Hawaii became a state in 1959, many of the state’s symbols were elected by the first state legislature to remain as the symbols of the state. This was true of the hibiscus. However, in 1988, the general […]

09 Feb

The State Flower of Connecticut – Mountain Laurel

In 1907, thousands of women asked the state government to name the mountain laurel as the state flower of Connecticut. There was initial resistance, but after an impressive campaign by the women, the Connecticut government named the mountain laurel the state flower. The bright colors and rich scent of the mountain laurel are distinct and […]

29 Jan

The State Flower of Colorado – The Columbine

In the rocky hills and mountains of Colorado, wildflowers burst forth with bright hues among the white trunks of aspen trees and the dark greens of the forests. Among these bright flowers is the state flower of Colorado, the lavender and white columbine. The columbine is an unexpected poised beauty in the rugged wilds of […]

20 Jan

State Flower of Oklahoma: Mistletoe

The state flower of Oklahoma is one we can all enjoy during the holiday season. The sprawling plains of Oklahoma are home to many kinds of plants, but mistletoe has been selected as the state flower of Oklahoma thanks to its perseverance and great beauty in a time of year that most plants are resting […]

11 Jan

State Flower of Alabama – The Camellia

Beauty, grace and a hearty condition define both the people of Alabama and its state flower. The symbol flower of Alabama is the camellia with good reason. These plants are the perfect example of genteel elegance, but with a solid foundation. Situated firmly in the “Old South,” Alabama produces a citizen proud of her culture, […]

19 Dec

The State Flower of Delaware: Peach Blossoms

The lovely pink flowers of the peach tree are the perfect state flower of Delaware, the Peach State. In the late 1800’s, Delaware was the nation’s largest peach grower exporting 6,000,000 baskets of peaches in 1875. The huge number of peaches grown in the state gave Delaware the nickname, the Peach State, and prompted the […]

18 Nov

The State Flower of Arkansas: Apple Blossom

A beautiful state of hills and green, Arkansas is rich in culture and horticulture. Many plants simply grow easily in the lush hills of the state and the people of Arkansas enjoy the amenities of the modern day with truly timeless surroundings. The conditions in Arkansas make it ideal for growing fruit and other forms […]

18 Nov

The State Flower of Massachusetts: The Mayflower

The first state founded in the United States, the Mayflower landed on the shores of Massachusetts carrying the Pilgrims that would go on to become the country’s fore founders. It’s suspected that these same Pilgrims actually named the small white flowers they found growing in their new home when they saw the plant. It is […]

20 Oct

State Flower of Arizona – Saguaro Cactus Blossom

Arizona might be best known for its deserts and open landscapes, but the natural beauty of this great land is not totally devoid of greenery and life. The dry, arid climate and sandy soil means succulents are the best options for gardens in the state, and perhaps it is for this reason that the Saguaro […]

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