20 Jan

State Flower of Oklahoma: Mistletoe


The state flower of Oklahoma is one we can all enjoy during the holiday season. The sprawling plains of Oklahoma are home to many kinds of plants, but mistletoe has been selected as the state flower of Oklahoma thanks to its perseverance and great beauty in a time of year that most plants are resting with bare branches for spring.

The State Flower of Oklahoma

Mistletoe was selected as the floral emblem of Oklahoma in 1893, fourteen years before the state as admitted to the union as a state. The mistletoe has long been a common sight in the southern regions of the state, growing in large green bundles in the branches of trees that have dropped all their leaves for the winter.

In the bare branches of trees, bright green leaves flourish with a mistletoe plant. The leaves of the evergreen are complimented by bright white berries that appear in the winter months. The bright and cheerful nature of the plant is perfect not only for the open and friendly personalities of Oklahoma’s people, but also as one of the many symbols of the holiday seasons.

Mistletoe in Oklahoma

Mistletoe has been a symbol of Christmas not just in Oklahoma but in countries around the world. The bright and happy nature of such as healthy plant growing in an otherwise barren landscape might be responsible for the prolific use of mistletoe in Christmas parties and gatherings. It is believed and enjoyed by countless couples as a catalyst for a bit of romance. Should you be caught under the mistletoe at a holiday party, you and your partner are required to kiss. Fortunately, a chaste kiss on the cheek is all that is usually required.

Growing Mistletoe

The bright green leaves and white berries of mistletoe are lovely, but are unfortunately a parasitic plant. Growing mistletoe requires only finding the sticky seeds of the plant and encouraging them to stick to and grow on trees in your garden or yard. As the mistletoe grows, however, it will weaken a tree and eventually cause the tree to become stunted and even die. Generally it not encouraged for you to grow mistletoe in a cultivated yard due to its parasitic nature, but it is found growing readily in the trees in Oklahoma and other parts of the country.

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