18 Nov

The State Flower of Arkansas: Apple Blossom


A beautiful state of hills and green, Arkansas is rich in culture and horticulture. Many plants simply grow easily in the lush hills of the state and the people of Arkansas enjoy the amenities of the modern day with truly timeless surroundings.

The conditions in Arkansas make it ideal for growing fruit and other forms of produce. At one time, Arkansas was a major producer of apples. In 1901, a General Assembly in Arkansas declared the apple blossom the official flower of the proud state. While no longer a major producer of apples, the pale pink and white apple blossoms live on as the Arkansas state flower. The flower is celebrated at the annual Arkansas Apple Festival.

Apple Blossoms

The blossoms of the apple tree are produced in the spring and are known for being fragrant and lovely against dark green leaves. The state flower of Arkansas is part of the growing cycle of apples. The apple tree is actually related to roses and the fruit of the apple tree is closely related to raspberries and strawberries.

The apple tree and its blossoms have been the stuff of lore for centuries. The trees were cultivated thousands of years ago to grow the food of the gods and you can still enjoy an apple tree in your own garden. From Adam and Eve to Johnny and his famous apple seeds, these beautiful blossoms have had world-wide appeal.

Growing Apple Blossoms

To produce apple blossoms, you must grow an apple tree. Plant a sapling in a cleared area in the full sun. Apple trees do best when they do not have to compete for nutrients and sun, and dwarf varieties make it easy to plant them in a small garden. Many gardeners plant two or more versions of apple trees to encourage cross pollination. A newly planted apple tree can take years to reach maturity before it begins producing fruit.

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