17 Feb

The State Flower of Hawaii The Yellow Hibiscus


In the 1920s, all colors and varieties of hibiscus were selected to represent the territory of Hawaii. When Hawaii became a state in 1959, many of the state’s symbols were elected by the first state legislature to remain as the symbols of the state. This was true of the hibiscus. However, in 1988, the general selection of the hibiscus was narrowed down to the brilliant yellow hibiscus flower. The bright and sunny plant is the perfect flower to represent a country that is known as one of the more delightful states in the nation.

The Yellow Hibiscus

While the state flower of Hawaii, the yellow hibiscus isn’t the most prolific plant on the island. The yellow hibiscus is only moderately popular in gardens although native to the island, thanks primarily to the wild abundance of beautiful tropical flowers in the state. The hibiscus is a bright flower that grows on a shrub. The fast growing shrub can grow very quickly and reach large sizes. The yellow hibiscus flowers bloom almost every day, but the blossoms only last for the day making them a short lived beauty.

The hibiscus blossoms are bold with a long stamen. The bright flowers have wide open petals with a bit of feathering along the ends. The center of the flower has a bright red at the base of the petals and a red stamen. The overlapping petals resemble a circle when fully opened making them quite notable against the dark leaves of the hibiscus shrubs. These bold flowers are what make the hibiscus so popular not just in Hawaii, but in other warm states as well.

Growing Yellow Hibiscus

Yellow hibiscus is a tropical plant. To grow yellow hibiscus, you’ll need to live in a warm, humid environment. Tropical hibiscus can be grown in the cooler regions of the country, but once temperatures reach 40 degrees or lower, the plant should be moved inside to prevent damage or even death in the cold weather. Yellow hibiscus, like many other tropical hibiscus plants doesn’t live forever in containers, but is very beautiful during its years of life.

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