04 Feb

The National Flower of Thailand: Ratchaphruek


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It is rumored that the lush tropical lands of Thailand contain more varieties of flowers than all of Europe, although many of these flowers are undocumented formally and have not been cataloged. This hasn’t kept Thailand from enjoying the green beauty of its natural areas spotted with all manners of flowers.

The National Flower of Thailand

Ratchaphruek Thailand


The unofficial flower of Thailand is believed to be orchids are they are such as prolific species in the Asian country. Yet even with the lovely abundance of orchids, they are not selected as the official state flower of Thailand. Ratchaphruek has that honor and is acknowledged as the state flower of Thailand.

Ratchaphruek is a common flower found on trees throughout Thailand that have dark green leaves and clusters of bright yellow flowers. The flowers seem to bloom directly off the lovely branches of the tree with relatively few leaves to interfere with the bright shining floral imagery. The yellow blooms of Ratchaphruek appear in the early spring and sometimes summer months and are easily identifiable all throughout Thailand making them one of the most popular blossoms, right up there with the more elaborate orchids.

Ratchaphruek of Thailand

The Ratchaphruek was formally selected as the national flower years ago, and today the yellow blooms still carry significant meaning. The shining yellow is a bold statement and contrast to the rest of the tree. The bright yellow is also a remembrance of Buddhism, the religion of Thailand. Yellow is also considered to be the color of the Monday when the king of Thailand was born. The flowers are used often in religious ceremonies or important government events as they are so symbolic.

Growing Ratchaphruek

The Ratchaphruek or Yellow Shower Tree is best grown in a warm tropical climate, such as Hawaii or Thailand itself where it is planted alongside roads and as ornamentals for shade and beauty. The Ratchaphruek can grow to 15 yards in height and provides a great deal of shade along with the bright yellow flowers in the fall. The tree also produces sticky bean pods filled with more than 100 seeds each following the flowering season. Growing a Ratchaphruek tree requires the ideal climate and growing conditions as the tree is not seen much outside of the lush Asian tropics.
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