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Bangladesh National Flower – Water Lily – Nymphaea


Bangladesh and Its People

The country of Bangladesh is a nation in South Asia bordered by India,
Pakistan, Burma and the beautiful Bay of Bengal. In fact, the name
Bangladesh means Country of Bengal and the people speak the Bengali
language. If the word Bengal sounds familiar to you, that may be
because of the Royal Bengal Tiger, an animal recognized the world over
and the national animal of Bangladesh.

The people of this country have a rich history that includes
literature, music and fantastic festivals. But Bangladesh is not
focused on history alone. Over 80 films are made here each year and
many magazines, television shows and radio stations entertain the
people, as well. These friendly folks are known for their love of rice
and curry in addition to sweetmeats made from milk. The sari garments
woven here of exceptional Jamdani muslin and are known globally for
their fine quality. Buddhists, Christians, Muslims and Hindus all live
together in Bangladesh and you might be surprised to learn that this
country’s economy is improving rapidly while its cities are growing by
leaps and bounds.

Nymphaea the National Flower of Bangladesh

The White Water Lily (Nymphaea), also called shapla, is the national
flower of Bangladesh. Water lilies are believed to represent peace and
a calm, reflective nature. These flowers have been important to many
cultures, the most notable of which may be the Egyptians who revered
the lilies that grew in their Nile river. You will find the lily
design incorporated into the art and architecture of this ancient
civilization. Perhaps you have also seen the paintings by the French
impressionist painter Claude Monet.

Water lilies are found all throughout the world, being especially
prominent in tropical climates. While they mean many things to many
different cultures, to the people of Bangladesh the meaning of their
flower rests on its shape. The many petals of the Nymphaea represent
the many rivers of Bangladesh. This is why you will find the flower on
the official Bangladeshi coat of arms.

The Cultivation of the White Water Lily

People throughout the world plant the Nymphaea even though in some
nations it is considered to be an invasive species due to its highly
aggressive growth and hardiness. The flowers can be grown in water
gardens, ponds and containers of water, although this is not the
recommended way to cultivate them due to the amount of space the
lilies generally require.

There are many varieties and hybrids available to gardners. The
Nymphaea comes in shades of almost every color of the rainbow: white,
yellow, orange, pink, red, purple and even blue!

As you can see, the White Water Lily of Bangladesh is both an
appropriate national symbol and a fascinating flower.

4 comments on “Bangladesh National Flower – Water Lily – Nymphaea

  1. Imrul Robel on said:

    Salam my National Flower.

  2. Imrul Robel on said:

    I like my National Flower Shapla.

  3. mahia on said:

    my favorate flower is the white water lily.:-)

  4. santosh on said:

    Wl is also used as a vegitable

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