16 Dec

The State Flower of Syria: Jasmine


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A country of many elevations and dynamics, Syria has yet to pick an official state flower, but the unofficial national flower of Syria is reported to be jasmine, if only by popular choice. Jasmine blossoms are lovely scented flowers that bare a striking simplicity, yet are lovely in their plain glory. It is the fine white of the blossoms against the waxy green leaves that make the Jasmine stand out visually, much like the country of Syria is simply yet truly a lovely, eclectic land of rich cultures.

Jasmine in Syria

While it might not be the official state flower of Syria, jasmine is certainly popular among Syrians. True jasmine has shiny green leaves and white flowers that are tubular in nature. They are yellow on occasion as well thanks to different species of the plant. The most striking aspect of jasmine is not the rich blossoms that appear in the spring and summer. The most notable aspect of jasmine is the rich, heady scent of the flowers.

Jasmine blossoms smell sweetly during the day, but they are most powerfully scented at night, especially as the moon is waxing toward fullness, at least according to popular legend. Even the buds of jasmine are more powerfully scented than most full flowers.

The State Flower of Syria

Jasmine is not only appreciated in Syria. While it might be one of the most beloved plants in this country that grow naturally in the various altitudes, jasmine is popular the world over. Extracts from jasmine are often used in perfumes, cosmetics and aromatherapy. Jasmine produces a calming effect. It is often used as an aphrodisiac as well.

Growing Jasmine

Jasmine grows best in well-drained soils that are loamy or clay-based. The plants enjoy compost and grow well in tropical environments, but can be grown indoors or in pots if you prefer. You can grow jasmine to enjoy around your garden or harvest the blossoms to be used for herbal purposes.
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